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Healthier by Choice

Spring Mountain Cattle Company

Texas Longhorn Cattle, Beef, Mounts & Hides, 

Why Spring Mountain Cattle ?

Why should you purchase only 100% grass fed Texas Longhorn beef?

  • Grass fed beef of any kind is healthier.

  • Research has shown that feeding cattle only grass for as little as 3 weeks will remove 99% of all E coli. from the meat supply.  The commercial meat supply feeds grain up to the day of slaughter, which is what causes the E coli. issue in the commercial meat supply.

  • Texas Longhorn is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, containing  more omega-3 per pound than salmon.

  • Higher in vitamin E and B than grain fed beef.

Why should you purchase our grass fed Texas Longhorn beef?

  • We let our cattle grow naturally.

  • We never feed or inject our cattle with growth hormones.

  • We never use any steroids.

  • We never give antibiotics.

  • We only use natural fertilizers on our hay.

  • We are serious about the health of the beef we raise and treat them humanely.

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