To understand who we are and what we do, you need to know why we started raising Texas Longhorn cattle. 

A few years back we decided to research what would be the best meat supply for our family.  We found that grass fed beef has many health benefits.  We also found that Texas Longhorn has some additional health benefits.

Finally, we found that it was impossible to tell how the beef was raised and what it was fed.  We were even told of a time when cake mixes and jelly beans were fed to cows standing in a commercial feed lot.  

We decided that we would raise our own beef for our family, by our family.  Our family does everything on the farm.  We know what we are eating, because we know what we feed to our cows.

We think that your family deserves the same as our family.  Try some of our beef today and see for yourself why we chose to raise grass fed Texas Longhorns for our family and yours.